Sexy (Facebook) Timeline


Since we all connect on Facebook and really like to share our serial monogamy status updates, can we do the same for brief encounters? This would be a good social/political move, bringing sexual encounters up to the same importance/acceptability as serious relationships. Either in the form of the romantic status update, “Recently fornicated with…,” or more profoundly, we could add our one night stands, flings, casual romances, serious romances, and live-in partners to our timeline as so-called life events. Do people already do this? I’d get a kick out of a timelined stream of serial monogamists.

If I had the courage I would firstly add the day and year when my virginity was quickly lost. “… added a life event from May 16th, 2003, to his timeline: Had sex for the first time with…”

This would allow Facebook to fully achieve its proper function as a confessional. Could also be a new and great advertising campaign.